Working together to create your financial plan forms the cornerstone of what we do.  Financial planning and the proper management of your finances helps ensure that you meet your financial goals.  During this process, we take time to learn about your personal values, understand your financial goals, and help you navigate your financial life successfully.

What Is a Comprehensive Financial Plan?

Creating a comprehensive financial plan involves looking into all areas of your financial life.  We follow the financial planning process which includes:

1. Understanding your goals and values

2. Gathering relevant financial information

3. Reviewing your current financial situation focusing on your:

  • Investments

  • Income and Expenses

  • Income Taxes

  • Insurance

  • Plans for Retirement

  • Education Planning

  • Estate Planning

4. Guiding you as you implement your plan

5. Reviewing your plan regularly and adapting to changes as they occur in your life

What Are the Benefits?

A good financial plan provides a road map for your financial life.  It helps you understand how one financial decision might impact your other goals.  If your

goal is to retire early, we can show how that may impact other goals.  If you

decide to pay off your mortgage now, we can analyze the potential impact on

future goals such as retirement or paying for a child’s education. If you are

going through a divorce or have recently lost a spouse, we can help navigate

that transition. Understanding the impact each decision has on your whole

financial life, can give you peace of mind that you are on track to meet your



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